Reset plug not working

I purchased the assets of another WISP that has gone under.

Their Canopy radios all had assigned IP addresses nobody knows. It’s weird - they put each radio on its own subnet i.e. is the radio is the customer is the radio is the customer.

When I put the reset plug in I still can’t ping the after I reboot the unit. Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve used the reset plug many times in the past without an issue so I’m confused.

If I do an ip scan of and find the IP of the radio I can get right it.

This is very time consuming.

if the software of the radios is 8.x.x you have to tell it that when you insert the default plug you want it to reset if they didn’t do that then you have a problem.they are set to not reset by default which to me makes no sence.

i seem to remember reading something about a way to disable the default plug, it had a warning that it was bad idea with it because if you lose a password youre SOL

So with these radios I am SOL?

I’ve seen this happen when the PC TCP/IP gets scrambled.

Put in the default plug and boot the radio.

Set your IP to

Repair your Local Area Connection by right clicking.

After repair, try connecting. If you still cannot connect see if you can telnet in.

You may also want to check and make sure the pins for the jack are still soldered onto the board. I have had about 4 sm’s that the pins have popped off the board. I must be to rough with them. :wink:
Fixing it was simple since we carry a portable butane soldering gun.

Jerry, did you mean