reset tool v2

still doesn’t work. nice job gemtek.

if anyone does manage to get this tool to work, will you post your hardware/software config so i can make a machine for my techs. We’ve purchased alot of used 3.65 CPEs and having to take each one apart to reset them is a real pain in the a$$

How do you reset them once opened? I know there’s a button on the board, but it appears to just be a reset button, how do I get factory default out of it?


Anyone had any luck with this? I’ve tried opening the program on a Win XP machine (as I thought I read that it requires Win XP) and the program crashes before it even loads.

If the CPE radio is set to pass PPPoE traffic only I couldn’t get the tool to work.

If it’s not set then my laptop (With XP) seems to work well with the tool.

Good Luck all :slight_smile:


Haven’t been able to get this work yet since I don’t have an XP laptop within reach.

Does anyone know if this utility still works if the CPE has a management VLAN set? Or will it need to be brought back to the office for a managed switch? (Still pissed off that management VLAN can’t be pushed via RADIUS…)

You tell them Salad. I feel your pain. I would say if you have a management Vlan set the tool wont work either.

But XP seems to work better then others.

Good luck