"Reset Via Power Sequence" is not your friend

We've had 3 days in a row of 60 - 100 mph winds. As a result, local power is taking hits - sometimes frequently. Almost all of our radios had "Reset Via Power Sequence - Enabled".  Let me tell you how much fun it is when 20 of your customers factory reset due to power grid issues.  I can see them hitting our towers with (not our subnet) and then disappear since they lost credentials to attach.

Get to spend most of the next couple of days visiting each customer to re-program. Ugh.

The irony is, I have never been successful in performing the power sequence reset when I have tried to!  I should have written a cnMaestro script to turn that feature off in every radio still on line but we did it manually. 

time to sell your customers ups units or charge them a rollout fee.


You can just create configuration Template in cnMaestro with  Reset Via Power Sequence option Disabled and apply it to every device you would like to protect.

Thank you.

How do you turn it off if you are not using cnmaestro ?  I thought I had it turned off for customer radios via the template/saved configs we use to configure customer radios however I just looked and seen that it is on on almost every radio I checked.  

We had an area get a power outage (or more  the power flipping off and on when they restored the power) and it caused every ePMP on the tower and every customer in the affected area around the tower to default. Much fun was had that day...    At that time I coudl have sworn I turned off the power sequence default thing on customer radios and saved new configs /templates (using the save backup/restore in the GUI) for setting up new customer radios with that funchtion disabled.

Now however I can not find that setting in the GUI and don't know when my customer radios started having that function turned back on. Obviously it hasn't been a problem since the one time it took out an entire tower and 30+ customers but I would still prefer it not be turned on on customer radios.

Hello brubble1,

Option is still under Tools->Backup/Restore page, as "Reset Via Power Sequence". It is also available via CLI or SNMP (powerSequenceFactoryDefault), if that is more convenient to you.



Here is the script we built to fix this, if anyone else is interested:

    "device_props": {
        "cambiumSSHServerEnable": "1",
        "powerSequenceFactoryDefault": "0"



Ah it never occurred to me to look under tools  I was digging around under Configuration. 


how do i deploy this scripts via cnmaestro, thank you

When changing the Reset Via Power Sequence to "Disabled" is it suppose to cause a reboot? I'm trying to roll this out on our network AP/SM's (Via Maestro Template) I have tested a few site all have worked but some had caused the AP's to reboot while others not?