residential end user pricing using 900 Canopy

Hey folks. I finally outgrew my single T1, I just got my second operational last week. I have had all of my 900mhz customers at 128k sustained up and down, with a 164000 kbit (2omb) uplink and downlink burst.

I maxed out my single T1 at about 95 people. I had very little complaints about the speed - the burst helped out with that (except for the heavy downloaders) But, hey, these people had no other choice except dial-up or satellite.

I am going to revise my pricing structure now that I have more pipe to my disposal.

Just curious what anyone else out there is offering pricewise for residential people with few other options.

Is anyone out there using the burst function or just offering straight speed up and down?

I know markets are different. I have one other competitor in my area using 80211b and g stuff. ... sarea1.php ... sarea2.php

(remember - I'm not only Canadian but just a network guy, I don't touch money)

On our 900 MHz stuff we use bursting to make things run a bit smoother but we don't advertise it as a feature. More of a way to compensate for only having 4 Mbps aggregate on an AP.

Our customers are a mixed bunch: Some of them are in the situation you describe and the service is "better than dialup". However we also have a number of folks who sign up because they can't get DSL or cable, so they expect greater speeds. The Area 2 stuff with 5 Mbps (delivered over 802.11g junk) has a lot of people commuting to larger cities.