RESOLVED: Wireless Manager 3.0.19 and PTP800 800-03-10

THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED: It turns out, the PTP800 does in fact store position (LAT/LONG) data, it is just inaccessible through the GUI. I had not configured the SNMP R/W community.

I place my PTP800 in their proper locations in the Physical Map (Lat, Long, Alt). WM Server tells me: "Successfully updated the location of XXXXX, but failed to push the new location to the device."

There is no setting in the PTP800 for location, ergo the failure to push that setting from the server to the radio.

I have no problems with that, but every time the WM Server Rediscovers my network it sees (and logs) the ‘Configuration differences detected during rediscovery: Device Latitude/Longitude/Altitude, old:XXXXXXX, new:’ and then it proceeds to write the new, empty data to the WM Server data. When it does this, I lose all of my PTP800 nodes and links.

This is undesirable.

Has anyone else had this problem? Did you figure a workaround? I wish to continue to use the Discovery/Rediscovery. HELP PLEASE