Resourses - Sites, etc

I am sure you have some resources that you would like to share. I’ll start:

ZOHO - The project management feature is very cool.

Canopy MIB Browser - … index.html

RF Link Analysis - … s.main.cgi

IP Plan - we use it and LOVE it

Thanks for the links.

I was going to post a link to ElectroComms site to their link analysis tool, but it is the exact same one you have… :stuck_out_tongue:

I use on a daily basis to convert addresses to latitude/longitude and other DDMMSS to Decimal vice versa calculations for entry into RadioMobile.

Not plugging my own site, just thought it’d be useful for those of you who’d like to use it.

This is an alternative for Lat/Long stuff

Helpful Sites:

GPS Translation Website

Network Tools

Wireless Tools … s.main.cgi … s.main.cgi