Hi All

I have used some functions like get_eAlign via the REST API luci to develop an app that helps installers to do alignment with there celphones and it is working great.

I searched the net and forums trying to find documentation on the API so that I can further develop the app and add more functionality but could not find any.

Can some point me where I can find documentation abount luci REST API that is Cambium / ePMP specific?

Thanks in advance


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Anyone Have an update on this feature?

Hi all,

cnArcher will have ePMP support in Q1 2018.

I'm orry, it is not a direct answer on your question, but I guess it can help also.

Thank you.

How about REST access for 3rd part software (like Sonar billing) that would allow us to set parameters on subscriber modules via the API? Would love to configure IP addresses, data VLAN, QOS settings, etc via the API so my billing software can provision those metrics automatically.  They are doing this with Mikrotik rotuers and Mimosa radios.

While your at it add access to accounting for data. Then give radius the same access. :slight_smile: