Restore factory defaults on SM

I need to restore the factory default values to a Suscriber Module. It has been configured with a private IP address an I can not log on to it

Do you have an override plug? If not, there is instructions for its construction and use in the SM manual. Using an override plug resets the SM back to its factory defaults.

Get your hands on a 6-pin RJ-11 connector. Cut out a short piece of copper conductor from a CAT-5 cable. Insert one end of the cable into pin 4 of the RJ-11 connector, and the other end into pin 6 of the RJ-11 connector. Then crimp it. When it is done, it will look like a loop.

Power down the SM, and insert the RJ-11 connector into the RJ-11 jack on the SM. Power the unit back up. Go to Navigate to the configuration page. Make the appropriate IP and password changes. REMOVE THE RJ-11 CONNECTOR BEFORE REBOOTING. Once the module comes back up from reboot, it will have your new settings.

Yeah. What he said.