Retransmission Packets cnM vs Epmp

Below are two images ones from cnMaestro and the other from the ePMP unit. 

I'm seeing this on more than one radio. Why such a big difference? Which one should I believe?

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The retransmission data shown in the device is the current data at that interval of time. Where as in cnMaestro the data points are taken every 5 minutes and plotted hence the difference. The five minute data points are calcuated based on the current value(Y) at the current 5 minute interval subtracted from the previous value(X) in the last 5 minute interval and the results % is taken after dividing with the total number of packets.



Could you explain a little about the concept of Retransmission? and according to the value obtained in days or weeks of the course as it could help me analyze the performance of my radio link?
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Retransmission occurs when packets arrive with errors due to varying RF link conditions that may not be conducive to the instantaneous modulation mode used at the time. The transmitting device will not receive an ACK for that packet and will know to retransmit it so that it's received successfully at the receiver. 

I think KR's post answers the question about what the readings mean. In the device interface it's an instantaneous reading while in cnMaestro it's averaged out over 5 minute windows.