Reversed Link Does Not Have Any Data in cnMaestro

I have a standard TDD flexible frame link that I am using for PTP communications. It is not TDD PTP.

I reversed the link (re-configured the AP to be the SM, and the SM to be the AP). In cnMaestro, I Unclaimed and then Onboarded the devices again. The devices do not show any data now! They register as being up, but the majority of the radio info shows as "N/A".

It appears cnMaestro remembers these radios. What can I change to get the system to recognize their new configuration?

Thanks - Chris

Hey Chris,

Can you please confirm which version you are running on your ePMP AP/SM


Firmware is v2.6 on both radios. I'm working with tech support on the issue and will report back here when it is resolved.