Revised Equipment and Company Sale

The equipment we have for sale (900 MHz Motorola Integrated Access Points) is negotiable. They were originally priced for $1750 each. We will sell all 5 for $7500.

As far as the sale of the company, we are willing to sell our divisions separately or as a package deal. We have 3 apartment complexes totaling 892 units under contract for another 2 1/2 years providing them a wireless hotspot. We also have three towers in the East Texas area providing service to both rural and urban customers. We have the opportunity for over 30 more towers free of charge for quick expansion.

If anybody is interested at all please contact us at 903-704-0179 or

Just because i’m nosey, Why are you wanting to sell?

Lack of liquid capital. We cannot grow the business anymore. And we are trying to protect our loyal customers. If we cant grow, why be in business?

How many of these do you have left?

We still have all five access points left at this time. We have had inquiries but no committments as of yet.

We also have some 900MHz Subscriber Modules and Yagi antennas for sale if anybody is interested.

skynet hit me up on mirc or email me with some pricing on those 900 sm,s connectorized and yagi’s.

Company for sale for $60,000 for residential (85 customers) and $30,000 for apartment complexes.