RF Elements Horns

Does anybody tried these sector antenas on 450i APs? please share results.

We are thinking to use 3 30degrees antenas on a 2700 ft mountain; its that or a medusa AP.


I don't have any results to share, but we have heard of many folks using the horns successfully.

On the other hand, we have lots of data and evidence right here in the forums of success using 450m and cnMedusa!

I don't think you can go wrong either way, but do keep us informed of how this site deployment goes, and posting pictures of it would be awesome if you are so inclined.


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WE are swapping some 450M to 450i with horns due to high noise enviroment.  So far So good. 


We use the RF Horns and find them great. Excellent coverage for customers closer and beneath towers and do provide better signal than the standard antennas. Also very good on 'noisy' towers.

We also have a number of cnMedusa's as well - also excellent where we have them deployed in dealing with a large number of customers over a sector area.

What you select will depend on number of customers in a particular sector and where they are in relation to the tower.....


I do want to point out that when using high gain and narrow beam horns, you must be careful to set the External Gain setting correctly on the AP, so that you don't inadvertently exceed the allowed EIRP limits.  This is just another thing that you don't need to worry about with the integrated design of 450m.

Hello, just for an update on this topic.

we changed the sector antennas for 30 degree horns(we had 2 AP, had to add 1).

Great results: reveive power improoved 1-7db; but most important modulations went up from 1x to 4x; from 2x to 6x and so on(download). This without sync; we spect to have improovements in a couple of weeks that we put sync on them.

When you do spectrum analisis with a horn, the AP sees a lot less interference.

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Hello ginovilla,

Please try updating to 16.0(beta4). UL MUMIMO is working great!!


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