RF engineers, technicians needed

As my WISP grows, we find ourselves in the disposition of obtaining good employees being the biggest stumbling block. Right now, I am the main core NOC technician, and need to move myself out of that position ASAP.

We have 25 “tower” locations (separate sites) across three counties in FL, and a very stable, well designed network with lots of room for rapid growth. We dont have a lot of support issues, but we want to move forward with value-added services, and market like there is no tomorrow and need to make sure we are very solid internally.

I feel like I need at least one other (preferrably two) very solid “high level” technicians. Ones that already have the knowledge, but just need to be trained on our setups, servers, etc.

I say all that to get to this… How do you find these type of people? How much should i expect to pay them?

Do you know any good candidates that might want to relocate to sunny South Florida? 8)