RF Issue and possible Solution

Just wanted to get some feedback from some guys out their with more experience. I have a 6 panel setup that has worked flawlessly for close to year. About a week ago a paging company repaired some hardware previously broken over the winter and all of a sudden things went out of whack. To temporarily band aid the situation we changed two of the affected panels to 923. The other panels reside on 906, and 915. The problem is the paging system is blasting a bit above 930 at 250Watts on a tower nearby on the same mountain. I have had two opinions both from reputable people with plenty of rf and industry experience. One option is to put the equipment above the paging system possibly 10 or more feet. Another source claims this will make it worse. Currently one of the panels is working fine and the other is plagued with numerous re-regs. Sadly the paging system has been on the site longer and is using licensed equipment. Any feedback would be great.

we have some towers with paging on them & to keep things standard thruout the network we are using the following 900mhz freqs in our 6ap clusters

906 > 00/18
914 > 06/24
922 > 12/30

i dont know the tower situation, can you possibly go below the paging equipment? if i remember right, most paging equipment is near the top & we go below that… its good to have some distance from their equipment.

one thing to keep in mind, if you have some un-populated sectors, you can use the higher 922+mhz in those sectors & reserve your highly populated sectors for the lower freqs… keep your separation though… dont put the same freq on adjacent ap’s. this will provide the best service to the majority of your customers, if it applies to the world you live in

good luck 8)

if their cables get cut you dont have a problem anymore

if their cables get cut enough times theyll give up and go home

I can be hired

I have my own cutters

I would suggest band filters. The interference is coming from out of band…