RF Sensitivity

Wondering about the RF Sensitivity issue talked about in the KB about P10 hardware. We’re mostly 900MHz but we’re also deploying 2.4GHz lite.

We just brought a new site online and the SM I brought with was exhibiting some strange behavior: RSSI -90, Jitter 3-8 in 1x mode. Uplink efficiency was around 98% and downlink about 78%. Link was about 2.3 miles using a Lite SM to a Cyclone connectorized 2.4GHz advantage AP with a 15db hyperlink omni antenna. I’ve done spectrum analysis for a number of hours and the spectrum is absolutely clear and beautiful, so I’m wondering if I may have a bad SM.

I’ll know more tomorrow afternoon when I get a chance to bring some others down and test, but just looking for some more insight on this problem should it be it or should I come across it later.

Thanks in advance!

If you found -90 and still were able to get that linked I’d guess something is hosed on the radio.

what version software in the 2.4 sm unit? There was a problem with one of the older version reading the rssi correct and the link test was way off. I think it was 7.0.5 or 7.1.5

The unit in question is a brand new P10 running 8.1.5. I’ve seen the -90 scenario once before on a remote SM in 900MHz - the link has since improved, but it maintained a 100% uplink/downlink efficient link for several months. Odd behavior.

What version on the AP?

I have seen odd behavior like that when running 7.2.9 on an SM and 7.3.6 on an AP.

P10 AP, running 8.1.5.

I went down and did some testing with some P9 SMs - same behavior. It’s got to be something with the AP.

That sounds like a problem with the AP