RF Staging Kits for 820s 1+1


I have noticed there is a nice spreadsheet kicking around that lists all the required items to purchase for pre-stage/configuring the gear before sending it up the pole. Howver,  this only caters for 1+0 type configurations.

I can't find anything that relates to 1+1 configurations.  I assume I should be able to complete this myself with an doubling the required items (waveguide translators and RF cables) and adding an RF combiner/divider in the mix relevant for the freqs.  

Just wondering if my plan will backfire on me at all or if anyone else has had to do this and if so, what items did they use.



If you don't have to demonstrate 1+1 functionality (primary failing over to secondary, and link stays up with secondary talking to primary at far end), then all you need to do is double the number of parts. The primary will be able to talk to the primary, and the secondary will be able to talk to the secondary. (But you won't have any secondary to primary or primary to secondary capabillity.)

If you need to demonstrate full 1+1 functionality, you have to double the number of parts, and purchase a combiner. (All the RF comes together into the combiner.)

I hope this helps!


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It sure does

mucho apreciado