RF Stat page: Sync count

Anyone know more information about the In Sync Count and Out of Sync Count fields on the RF stat page? I was troubleshooting a customers SM and found that the numbers were pretty high. I checked a few other SM’s and some were high, some were low.

So I checked SM’s at a different PoP and found they were low comparatively.


i also do wanna know the meaning of these…sync counts.

any one?

I have the same problem last week on 5400s radios. What helps is, that I increase value of “Max Range” on AP by 1 (from 6 to 7 miles). After this, the problem stops. Before this step, I´ve checked up all SMs connected to this AP (approx. 25). Higher values of Sync Out - In was only on SMs, that their distance from AP (by SM measurement) vary from 5 to 5,7 miles. Other SMs that is located closer to the AP (distance less than 5 miles) has very low or NULL values. This problem probably depends on change of local RF conditions (new provider with 5GHz wifi on nearby channel - my AP was 5570MHz and on the spectrum analyzer i saw interference on 5595MHz). Anyway, try to set other channel (if this is possible, use Spectrum Analyzer on SM and in SM-mode on AP as noted on another thread in this forum or in canopy network build manual) and check the distances of SMs from AP and compare it to the Max Range value. This might help.

//edit: Sync count in - means, how much times the radio was re-syncronized to the AP frame timing. Loss of sync can by made by interference or by issue, that I wrote above. In ideal case, this value is 1 (stable link). I have clients, that have been connected to the AP in session by couple of months and their values of Sync In is still 1. So, this is ideal.