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To some of you that have RFarmor laying around. Do you know if the RFarmor shield kits designed for the UBNT nanobeam/nanobridge fits the force 200 5ghz? I have some areas with lots of noise and was wondering if this could be a solution when I replace all the UBNT gear with Cambium's.



No, they won't fit.  The Force 110 and 200 dishes are larger in diameter than the UBNT dishes.

Too bad. I was hoping they would. 

Tomorrow starts the formal release of the Epmp 2000 AP. With proper deployment layout, your need for shielding should be near non-existant with GPS Sync nowadays.

GPS sync does nothing to prevent your CPEs from hearing nearby on or off-axis noise.  This is where shielding at the CPE side can be very helpful.  

WIth GPS sync (and the active filtering 2000 should have), along with (internally) well shielded radios, and sectors with good FB ratios shielding at the tower shouldn't be needed in most cases.  It can still be helpful though when there is non-sync noise you can't control.


Does anyone know of (or has anyone self built) an RF Armor like shields for the Cambium Sectors?  I know their FB shielding is already very good, but I have a couple places where we don't have the recommended 3' of space to issolate the sectors from each other.  I was hoping to shield them to help with issolation. So, if anyone has done anything like that - can you provide some hints or sources or feedback.  Thanks. :)

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Hello - just to updated everyone, I've been talking to RF Armor and they say they are planning on having shields for Cambium Antennas by this summer.   I do realize that with the GPS Sync and with the excelent F/B ratio of the antennas, the  need for shielding is lessended vs other radios/antennas - BUT more issolation can always help.

Especially in 2.4Ghz too - or situations where you can only connect 3 antennas and you can't do Frequency Reuse - or where you've had to turn your ATPC up to make the SM's a bit louder, that can lessen the SNR on the back sector, so having extra shielding can always help.

In our case, we have some mounts where we need to put the sectors pretty much back to back, without the recommended physical separation - so having shileding will help there also.

In any event, they said 'it is in our plans' and 'will be looking at this this summer' - so that's good news. :)