RFC: Option to suppress standard equipment list in Proposal and Install Reports

As per subject line, this is a request for comments to modify the current proposal and installation report formats in a specific manner, by optionally hiding the last section. 

We have a few large customers who require their PTP radios be serviced 7 x 24 and without regard for local weather.   We therefore have to install them at ground level in an equpiment shelter or closet inside a building. Those installations use dual runs of Commscope-Andrew 7/8" or 5/8" AVA cable going up the tower to the dish.  This request is simply to supress the 'standard' equipment list inserted at the end of the reports which instead lists  a single run of outdoor ethernet cable rather than the AVA cable.  The standard list inserted into these two reports confuses the customers because it does not agree with our actual equipment in our proposals. 

Thank you for reading and hopefully offering your comments to Cambium Natworks. 

Karl Beckman, P.E.

Sr. Staff Engineer

Motorola Solutions - North America


Hi Karl,

Unfortunately we have no plans to allow you to hide individual report sections. However, you can edit the item quantity in each BOM to show that the cable is not required.