RG6 Quad Shield for GPS

Anyone ever used RG6 Quad Shield for the GPS units? Is there a disadvantage to using this wire? Anyone?

Doesnt look like anyone has attempted this. We did it in a test enviroment in our lab and it works great. Lower cost then the LMR 200 or LMR 400. You can also get special BNC fittings where you dont have to crimp them on. Otherwise almost a perfect fitting every time.

Seems like it works since I have seen these types of coax work. However, nobody ever seems to notice with confidence, that N-connectors are 50ohm. LMR200 and all that type of cable is 50ohm. I wonder how long that mismatched cable has to be before it starts adversely affecting performance?

RG6 is 75 Ohms (CATV) - GPS (RF) needs 50 Ohms.

You will have an impedance mis-match which is to say it might work, but would not be optimal.