Riddle me this. ePMP 1000 2.4 GPS AP that only allows 20 and 40 mhz channels

This ePMP 1000 AP was on the shelf for awhile and I’m thinking it was an Evilbay purchase in the past but can’t confirm. It was deployed on a tower way out in the woods and today I wanted to change it to a 10 Mhz channel only to find the options available were 20 and 40 Mhz. No 5 or 10 Mhz even listed.

Screen cap below and I see nothing set that would cause this. I suspect I have a unit that is not U.S. based even though the country code is set correctly. How can I tell?

Never mind. Figured it out. I was trying out the 2.5 framing (Beta) versus the normal 5. Appears that only works with 20/40 Mhz channels.