ridiculous performance

Hello guys,

Been a while since I posted. Things have been going relatively smooth. However, I recently doubled my available bandwidth. Consequently, I increased many of my good customer’s bandwidth. But I am finding that my subscriber modules don’t go much above 1Mbit. I am quite confused. They should by able to go 3.5Mbit up/down, or any percentage combination within. Right?

So, I am left wondering what the problem is. I have a couple of business customers who push large amounts of data in the late hours, so I would like for them to have at least 3Mbit up. Any ideas?

I am running 5.7, latest firm, on cmm2 using 5200BH10. I have 4XT1 bandwidth, and rarely see more than 50% consumption


900’s right?

I am in a similar situation.

We set them at 70% downlink and see ~2M - 2.3M down and 1M up. I don’t recall ever seeing a 900 give me more than 1M up - usually it is more like 500-700k

When I had them at 50% it was not much better and the downlink was closer to 1.4M

Hello Jerry!

Actually, these are 5.7Ghz. Damdest thing. performance is just not what we expect. I am auctually having much better performance with Mikrotik backhauls, which I find absurd because they are so cheap and easy to set up.

I recently set to 50%. performance seems more reliable, but not faster. maybe we are missing a critical setting, or maybe these are simply not “high performance” modules, at least by today’s standards.

I have a link with a 5.7 @ 8.5 miles that gets 3M down x 1.0M up.

These are older Non-Advantage AP’s.

We have ordered our upgrades and will be installing soon. I’ll let you know the difference I get.


my 2 cents…

The best i have ever gotten with a 900 is 1.4mbs down and 780mbs up.

what is your pipe to the internet? When we were on a T1 we saw 1.4 down x ~800 up

We now have a 5M pipe and I get 2.5 down and 700 up on my 900 shooting through a big stand of trees at 5 miles.

we have 10M pipe at 3 of our HUBS and then a 100M pipe at our core.

CelerityNetworks wrote:
a 100M pipe at our core.

100megabit/sec to the Internet, dang!

What does a pair of OC-1s to the backbone cost a month anyway?

Or perhaps its the newest speed plan Charter Cable is offering for an introductory price of $19.95/month?

we were offered 100mbit ethernet from COX cable for $4500/m…they were even going to run 15 miles of fiber to me at no charge.

however we came upon this information to late as SBC was terminating a DS3 in our building.

having 100m back bone is useless unless you have no bottle necks… and youre talking about some serious $$$$ for backhauls

my only bottle neck is caused by the APs not being fast enough…however i still need to do the advantage upgrade.

That’s interesting. lusting after a similar offer