RMA Device Received Already Connected to CnMaestro

I received a replacement RMA radio back from Cambium that was already connected to someone’s CnMaestro. It will not allow me to onboard it in to our controller. Is there a way to clear this out from the radio side and get it onboarded to our CnMaestro? I have already raised a ticket with Cambium but the agent stated that they were having some difficulty at the moment so not so sure about response. Time. Thanks for any help that someone might be able to give!

You cant do anything without Cambium support.
With your ticket, maybe someone from them can raise some kind of priority when see this post.

But, RMA and you got second hand device which was already onboarded on some other cnmaestro? :thinking:

can you please share your ticket number to this email id
I’ll check this internally and get back to you.


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You cant do anything without Cambium support.

Thanks all for the responses. I was able to open a ticket with support yesterday afternoon and they have reached out already. I will update the ticket once I get a resolution from Cambium.

Hello Anand,

I sent you an email this morning with the ticket number that was given to me through email by Cambium. I sent over engineering files and config files this morning and support stated that they should be able to reach out to the CnMaestro team.

Cambium reached out and was able to remove the device and make it “unclaimed” again. I was able to then enroll the device into the new clients cnMaestro. Thanks Cambium for the quick assistance, and thanks Anand for following up with me!