RMA without answer after first contact

Is it commun from Cambium to don't answer RMA request ?

I had a first contact from Cambium support to do some test and after that, that I would have a second contact and nothing for 2 days while I sent several e-mail in reply to the ticket.


Did you get a case #/ticket #? It will help tracking it.


Yeah Mike, when you visit the Cambium website and fill out a support request or RMA, you immediatly get a response back with a ticket number. IF you didn't get one, please check your spam... the message will look something like this:

##- Please type your reply above this line -##

Hello Eric,

We received your email with subject "RMA Request". We created ticket XXXXXX and is being reviewed by our Technical Support staff. You may update this ticket by replying to this email. Please do not send replies to support@cambiumnetworks.com or separate ticket will be opened and it will delay response to ticket XXXXXX.

A member from our team will contact you shortly.


Cambium Networks

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ticket 108993

I checked SPAM forlder and no e-mail from Cambium there.

I had the first call and the technicien told me he will write me back but nothing else. My distributor just told us that he had the same problem. Is Cambium RMA departement too busy ?

Strangly, the technicien write me back not long after posting this post this to tel me that RMA approuved. Anyway, thanks.