Roaming setup

Is it possible to set a cluster of 6 APs to the same color code, but diferent frequencies?

will this allow the sm to roam between APs?

Im using 5.7GHz

We have 11 Canopy clusters. All units in every cluster share the same color code, different frequency. We do it like that because it is easier for the field techs. They don’t have to remember the color code for each individual AP’s. Also it helps with interference since the SM will jump to the next available AP if they are close enough. They will sort of “roam” as the SM will sync with any of the AP on the cluster, but it is not seamless roaming, there will be downtime while the SM scans for other AP’s

do you tick all freq in you SM ?

I have a site id for every site. The site id is the same as the color code and is also reflected in the ip addresses for that site. So the color code for every module at that site is the same. In a 6 AP cluster you only use 3 freq so only check those. If you loose an AP It might switch to another to maintain service. The only problem I have noticed is when the original AP is fine again if the sm has a good link it wont switch back to the one it should be associated with. (they dont vote)You have to do a reboot on the SM to force it back.