Rocket to EPMP Connection Help

Ok, so I am trying to connect a force 200 2.4 client radio to a UBNT Rocket AP using 10mhz channels. I have airmax disabled on the ap and I have the force in wifi mode with 10mhz selected. It will connect to ap and i have a -76 signal which is a little low but I should be able to pass traffic. I can see it registered on the rocket although it does not show its Ip address on the web interface. I have the force in bridge mode. I have also tried Nat and router mode and I cant get any mode to pass traffic. On the client side using the force I cant ping the ap and from my home office I can see teh force on the ap web interface but I can not pin the force or connect to its web interface. I am on firmware 5.6.6 on the ubnt radio. Attached are some pics of my setup. 

Any help is appreciated. I wanted to get the clients changed out before going on the tower to change the ap's to the new 2.4 epmps

Please enable 'WDS' on the AP and try again.