"Roll Your Own" SM security

Well I looked into using bam to seucre my wopping 2 APs and 6 SM’s that I am using to keep unwanted folks off my network. After getting over the initial sticker shock I figured I would bite the bullet and make the purchase, security warrants the expense. But, before buying I thought I would download it to give a wirl. I do have a linux box but know about as much on linux administration and application installation on it as Pam Anderson. On top of this I also have to download a database app to run with it as well :shock:
Does anyone have anything they are using to provide security that doesn’t cost a bunch and it simple and easy to use and install? Should I just put in a firewall and limit the usage by MAC address?

Any help appreciated.

Have you actually had someone get on your system?

we just use a small linux box with microtec software on it and we just enter the amout of bandwidth we want per subscriber using rules in microtek. so here is an example we have say 128 public ip’s we put them all in the microtec and allocate what speed we want per ip this way if someone figure out your ip’s there bandwidth is set to 0 so they go no where and then lets say we got a motel with 8 rooms i put in 1 sm and a 8 port switch and allocate a public ip per room then i can edit the microtec rules and set bandwidth accordingly with just 1 sm.

If your not very linux savy they have gui’s so you do not have to do all this long hand.


hi, would u care to PM me info about that microtek software? is it downloadable please? thanks.

would appreciate to accept a PM from you sir.