root user (how to restore)

We use CNUT 2.20 r1, and each time when update it update canopy AP and SM with user ROOT at seems.
In some way somebody of our employee deleted root user or changed password. Actually, we dont know, but cant log in by root user.
We can log in only by another user of type INSTALLER.
Of course we can use special cabel for default settings of SM but SM is located far away and we are not able to be there.
Is there some another way to restore root user or to update SM by another user instead of root? Can we update by user of type INSTALLER?

No one has answered since Y2008?

PMP450 Configuration and User Guide does not give password for "root" user, but I experienced it is by default "admin".

In the CNUT however you can configure any other credentials than default if you need (Edit>Preferences>User Account), which is usually the case when you set own new credential and remove default "admin" and "root". Proven with CNUT 4.12.8.