Router can't see force 200 data

Hi all,
I’m facing this EXTREMELY weird problem, I’m using a force 200 to connect to the internet, everything is totally fine with it, I can connect to the force 200 using either wifi or lan with no problem …

BUT when I plug in the data port that’s coming out of the power supply to my router (tplink-archer c6- 1200) the router doesn’t recognize it, as if I haven’t plugged anything in “not even the lights turn on”, and weirdly enough the router doesn’t recognize it either when put in the WAN port or the LAN ports. It just basically doesn’t see the cable at all.
I checked the router by connecting the wan port with multiple regular internet modems and it worked flawlessly so the router isn’t faulty.

I tried switching cables, I tried resetting the router, I tried changing the force 200 settings from NAT to bridge to router with no success.

I’m frustrated and idk what to do anymore, the crazy thing is that when the data port is connected directly to my laptop it connects flawlessly, I can ping the default gateway and connect to the force 200’s dashboard… This is just weird.

I hope that someone reading this post has a solution for this.

Thanks in advance.

I think the problem is with the router.
Can you connect the router to your laptop and configure it. If so. Try to connect the router and the force 200 to a switch and see if the router will receive data from the force 200