Router Mortality

mnet wrote:
[quote="VLAN1":1skq4339][quote="":1skq4339]Why not build your own. Use a Soekris box, load it with BSD and put in a wireless card and connect a rubber-duck antenna to it. This way you can have total control over the router at the client end. And it will last a heck of alot longer then a crappy DLINK or Belkin router.

yeaaaa we dont have the time. we have about 2500 customers and install 70-80 a month. dont have the time to spend building routers lol[/quote:1skq4339]

That was quite shocking number per month.

What plans do you sell to customer? and do you have installation charge also? Please share your little secret with us :wink:[/quote:1skq4339]

we sell basic which is 768k/256k basically on par with dsl
deluxe which is 2mbs/1mbps
and premium which is 6mbs/2mbps

and yes we charge for installation. 99 for one hardware connection and 199 we install a router. Plus we do VOIP too. thats a whole different story.

I prefer the Belkin because it has a lifetime warranty. If the customer has a problem with it they can just send it back to belkin and get a replacement. Belkin will even send you a replacement before hand if you give them a CC. I use the F5D7231-4 model.