Routerlimits replacement?

I loved routerlimits, but bark bought them to shut down a competitor, the routerlimits stuff isnt available through bark (device usage, etc)
Is there any replacement on the horizon? Thats one of the top support issues we see “whats using all my bandwidth?” Cnmaestro only logs device usage of currently connected devices since last boot, so if the device isnt connected but was the cultprit theres no way of knowing. same issue with a reboot

This may be inane but bark is an option too.

From the provider network side we use our tower routers to gather flows and send them to our NOC. Clients are responsible for their devices usage. What we do monitor is how much data is transferred accross the link which we use to determine our heavy users and to calculate FAP actions if needed.
When a customer asks what is using my data, we respond that we do not monitor that and at most we can tall them is how many devices are connected.

Bark bought routerlimits, but didnt really bring in any of the actual routerlimits stuff that bark didnt already have.
We went down the bark road already, they have no intention of adding the device usage tracking. Bark is cool for what it is and we market it to our customers for Bark, but it is not even close. I suspect Cambium being burned by the routerlimits acquisition, they wont do business with them again.

CnMaestroX is in trial mode, so its not a current offering in the long term data retention. It shows the per device usage, but only active devices and for a short period that is not retained post reboot.

Also, cnMaestro does not show LAN traffic and hence overall traffic.