What routers do you guys us at your towers/POPs?

Im looking for routers that can withstand the heat and stuff…

bearing in mind that temperatures here go 40C and above…

Well we use Soekris Boxes but I’m not sure of the Operating tempuratures

Have not used these yet but this is the type of thing I would use:

Is there any possiblity of installing a climate controlled cabinet so that you can use which ever gear you want?

Climate controlled…with a light bulb… :slight_smile:

we use imagestream envoy routers

it’s a linux based router with an easy config menu system and they sell a temperature hardened version. They also have a 24VDC converter for our solar towers.

-very sweet product!
-excellent customer support!

We use Imagestream routers for our backbone… Rebels, R1’s, and Gateways. We use MikroTik RouterOS for our Intermediate sites.

Imagestream is competing with Cisco… so they try to talk the Cisco talk… compare to Cisco, etc. I like Cisco, but they have become so high and mighty when it comes to paying for their products and service. My experience with Imagestream has been excellent… unlike Cisco, you get software upgrades for life… and free phone support for the first year. Their support is pretty good and typically they are eager to help you without trying to delineate responsibility between them and your other vendors.