Routing Problems on EX2052

we are experiencing a strange problem trying to configure intervlan routing on EX2052 switch.
We have 16 VLAN configured on the switch and one of this is the transport VLAN with the Firewall Inside.
We can configure the static routing between VLANs and everything seems to work correctly but if we try to change a GW IP for a single VLAN the switch stucks.
The only way to revert the situation is to factory default the switch and reinsert the configuration.
We tried with cnMatrix 4.0 and 4.1 and from cmMaestro and Command Line (disconnected from cnMaestro) with the same result.
Is there something that we have to know not documented?
Please let us know ASAP, Regards

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Can you provide network topology and config of cnmatrix switch?
Static routing between VLANs is not needed because all L3 subnets if VLANs are directly connected to that switch (if I understood you correctly).
Also there can be only one default gateway, for all VLANs (networks)

No mixig,
the topology is more complex (see attached image).

There are 2 Datacenter directly connected with dedicated OM4 fibers.
In every DC there are 2 EX2052 and all the switches are connected in a ring topology with spanning tree (PVST) with all VLANs trunked in the uplinks between switches and in the FrontEnd Eth ports of the Vmware Hosts (with differents port groups).
One EX2052 in the primary DC is the routing switch for all VLANs and there is a transport network between this switch and the Firewall Inside network for Internet connectivity only.
In the Vmware Farm we have VM in different VLANs that that have to communicate each other so we need intervlan routing (and ACL to limitate communication between these VM only).
We tried with static routing with the problems exposed in my previous post.
Which is the best routing configuration to achive the result?
Thanks in advance, let us know ASAP.

Attached the configuration with only three VLANs with associated IPs and ports and one route only in transport network (to the firewall).
Changing one VLANs IP the switch stucks.
L3_issue_Cambium.txt (2.2 KB)

Hi Andrea, To help you with this issue, we would need to understand the topology, configuration of all switches, and to possibly troubleshoot the switches. Please raise a support ticket, and request for an engineering discussion. Meanwhile, please provide the configuration of all EX2052s. Thanks.

We have already opened the ticket number 275271.
Could you please reply to this?
My network specialists are waiting for a solution to this issue ASAP!

Thanks in advance, Regards