RoW AP will not register FCC SM after upgrading to 2.5.1

We are introducing ePMP's to our network, and our 1st order of ePMP units were FCC US version.  The network is in Mexico, so we purchased additional ePMP 1000's for RoW use.  We initially put a RoW AP on our main tower and hooked up 2 clients with the FCC units.  Everything registered fine with United States selected for Country Code...all units still on original firmware ver 2.0.

After upgrading all units to 2.5.1, the FCC US version units will not register anymore to the AP, even with United States Country Code.

Is this to be expected?  If so, then our first purchase of ePMP's is now rendered worthless.


I don't think this is expected, but I will check with our Development team.

Which frequency are you configured for?


When it was operating earlier we were on 5660, 20Mhz...I still have one CPE out there trying to register on that channel with 2.0 software.  I brought another CPE (FCC) in to the office, upgraded it here to match the AP's 2.5.1, took it back to the site and would not register with United States selected, even waiting 15 minutes.  Signal is open, so no password issue, and all are on same subnet.  Also, after upgrading FCC CPE to 2.5.1, I selected all channels and went to ACS on the AP but still would not register.


Have you try to reset to factory defaults the SM once upgraded to 2.5.1 and reconfigure it? I'm assuming you went from 2.0 to 2.5.1 without going thru any other software versions. Is that correct?

I will try this in our lab.



I was able to get a FCC SM to register with a RoW AP setup to CC=US in the lab. Both AP and SM were originally running 2.0 software and connected using factory default configuration. Upgraded SM to 2.5.1 and once it was upgraded, it connected to the AP, which was still running 2.0 software. Upgraded AP to 2.5.1 and once upgraded, the SM connected as expected. There should not be anything in the firmware limiting connectivity.

Would you be able to provide configuration files for the AP and a SM that fails to connect?

Could you verify OPEN security is enabled for the SMs having issue registering?


Hello Luis:

I did the upgrades the other way around, AP first and SM still on 2.0 would not register.  After upgrading SM also it registered fine.  Initially I was struggling with an SM already upgraded prior to the AP, but that resolved also when I reset it, as you suggested.

Thank you for your help, I am relieved this turned out to be a non-issue and appreciate your reponse.