RP201P possible bug

I know the router will only support up to 32 devices per SSID, I put in 33 just for kicks to illustrate that the unit will not accept a higher number. But the unit then cleard out the high number I put in but it then kept giving me the error message that the field cannot be left blank. BUT, it wouldn't let me put in a new number since the error message would not go away to let me type in a better number. A hard reboot of the router allowed me to get back into the unit, but I thought I would put it out there as something that may need to be looked at. Thanks


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Thanks for sharing your observation with us.

I am not able to see the issue as you have mentioned , please provide details of browser and firmware version and eaxct steps with how many SSID you have created with client count and which SSID count you have changed.

As per my setup with  R201 and 4.1-R2 firmware, Mozilla firefox browser 43.0.3 following is the behaviour.

1) If you give any value which is more then limit then system will give you a popup and after pressing "OK" device will show a blank value.If you press "Save" button again with the blank value then Web UI will show you "NaN" and you can enter a new value and save.

2)If we configure 4 SSID's and select 32 for SSID 1 and 16 for SSID 2 and 3 and 0 for SSID 4 then we have 64 clients.Later on if we make first SSID client count as 33 then we get a warning popup - "33:The value is out of range!(0,32)".If we press OK for this popup then SSID 1 which was configured for 33 shows blank and later on shows NaN ( Not a number) and we can configure a new value.

3) I again tried  again with max client as 35 and same warning popup came and then i pressed OK and finaly i saw SSID with Max client as blank,when i saved it again there was a notaion as NaN and i was allowed to enter a new value.

4) Then I deleted last 2 SSID and again saw the warning popups and configured SSID 1 and SSID 2 max client count  as 32 each.I have not seen any issue after which I need to reboot the device.

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I was using Safari web browser when this happened. I will try it again and see if I can replicate the sitatuion and do some screen shots. Thank you for your reply.