RSSI difference between the sector and the subscriber


we are installing the ePMP200 in the sectors of our network and Force200 and Force180 in the subscriber site.

When we try to alling each subscriber to obtain the RSSI that we calculate with the link planner, we have seen that the RSSI values measure in the sector, and the RSSI measured in the subscriber are completely different. In the attached files you can see an example:

- In the ePMP2000: the Downlink/Uplink RSSI of the Force200 deteceted in the Wireless/Monitor menu are -75/-78 dBm.

- However, in the Force200 the Downlink RSSI value measured from the AP is -83dBm.

In other subscribers, the RSSI of the Force200 is between the Downlink/Uplink RSSI values measured, but allways is different.

What is the correct RSSI that we have to check to compare it with the level calculate in Link Planner?



The most accurate value for DL RSSI is value measured on SM side.

On AP you can see info-bubble for RSSI DL/UL:

RSSI (dBm) Downlink / Uplink
The first number is Downlink RSSI and indicates the estimated RSSI that this SM measures for the AP. 
The second number is Uplink RSSI and indicates the RSSI that the AP measures for this SM.

Thank you.