RSSI Discrepencies

I installed 2 back-to-back 5.7 20Mbps BH links yesterday to get phone lines to an underground mine portal. Everything went very well. On the last link, my BHS showed an RSSI of approx. 760 (-75 dbm) - not good. No problem, I’ll just do some fine tuning as the links are line of sight. I looked at the sessions on the BHM and the RSSI showed up as approx. 1350 (-52 dbm). Huh? Kept checking and the slave continuously showed RSSI around mid 700’s and the master reported the RSSI as around mid 1300’s. Why would I be seeing this difference in RSSI. Isn’t the value shown in the master’s Sessions page what the slave is reporting?

It was late, very windy, and very dirty so I didn’t touch it. The RAD IPmux-1E’s stayed synced up really well, very impressive. Perhaps I will go back in a few days to fine tune the reflectors (it’s a long drive).

Any ideas? Thanks…


No the sessions page shows how the BHM sees the BHS. So you were seeing a better signal in one direction than the other.

Gotcha! Might have power control set on Low for the BHM. I’ll have to check. We did have them set on Low for testing in our shop.

Thanks for the info and the quick reply.