Rssi/Jitter Values on 5.7

Just installed my first 5.7. We are .6 miles from the tower with clear line of site. The rssi was about 500 and a jitter of 1. Uplink and downlink were both 100%. Speed is incrediblely fast. I have only installed the 900 mhz thus far and the rssi is usually between about 1000-1500. Why is the rssi on the 5.7 so much lower? As I said, it is a great link with solid performance. Is the rssi lower because it is a 5.7 verses the 900? Again, this is the first 5.7 we have installed.


Don’t pay any particular attention to the RSSI readings, instead keep an eye on the Power Level and Jitter as well as your Link tests. Sounds like you have a solid connection.

So does that go for the 900 mhz also. Just pay attention to the jitter and power settings? Was just suprised at the difference in the rssi. Again, the up and downlink were both 100%. Finally a quick install. :smiley:

This was one of my early lessons also. I usually pay close attention to the RSSI when I am aiming a SM but overall I make sure the power level is under 80 dbm… We have a few rezi’s who are around 83 dbm, they are using 13 dbi yagi’s. Gotta find some 17’s.

I have seen this on all my new 5.7 and 5.2. I have radios out there running at 300 to 400 RSSI. I know that its all about power but the manuel still says to get a 700 or better, they need to update that.