RSSI - Jitter


I’ve a problem in setting up SM in one of our customer. everything look very good. LOS, Jitter, RSSI.

From what I read, at least you must have 4 jitter, and RSSI 700 to make good connection.

But when I try to ping from our AP to the SM, it show at least 3 RTO in 1 screen.

All of our canopy is non-advantage and we’ve upgrade all the AP and SM to R.707 software. forget tomention we are running on 2,4ghz

And btw is it true that you can reach 30miles on 2,4Ghz (it show on AP configuration page)

Session Status REGISTERED
Registered AP 0a-00-3e-20-0b-1a
RSSI 820
Jitter 2
Air Delay 289 (approximately 2.68 miles (14161 feet))
Radio Slicing Value 491 (decimal)
Radio Transmit Gain Setting 19 (decimal)
Radio Power Level -74 dBm

Any thought?



solved the problems, by installing the reflector.

RSSI 1235 (-58 dBm)
Jitter 1