RSSI, MCS and SNR drop on PTP 550 link when peak traffic reached

Hi all,
Just wanting some info/advice on what is said in the title… here are some stats.

Could it be interference from another radio which happens to get busy at the same time of day? Particularly if it’s not synchronised?

These stats are from the slave side of the link, on the tower where the slave resides is another ptp 550 going to next site (it is the master of the next link). The slave where these stats come from is on 5770, 40mhz channel, and the ptp 550 that is the master of next link is 5825, 40mhz channel. I do not have any type of sync for my ptp 550s.
I do have 4 epmp 3000 radios, using frequency reuse in the front/back setup, they are using 20 mhz channels, 2 radios using 5240 and the other 2 using 5210.

Are you able to consistently reproduce this (eg. by deliberately flooding the link with traffic), or is it just something you’ve noticed when the traffic peaks naturally?

It is just something I noticed naturally by checking the stats on maestro

Is what you’ve shown in your screenshots the only instance, or do you see it happen more than once if you look at the data for the whole week?

Here is the week…

To me it doesn’t look like it happens every time the traffic peaks. For example, there’s no drop-off on the 18th or 20th October. I think I would probably start looking for another cause, maybe something environmental. Is this a clean line-of-sight link. What does link planner predict for signal level?

I’m probably not going to be much help here (I’m a software guy, not a radio guy). I imagine other people in the community are likely to have much better suggestions.