RSSI value in E500 MIB

I'd like to monitor RSSI values of my many E500s in realtime, soI took them from E500 MIB via snmpwalk command, as follows.

snmpwalk -v2c -c public <IP address>

I could get  RSSI values of both radio interfaces, but it seems different from the values of RSSI in the Monior- WLAN display of WEB access. The RSSI from WEB access changes slightly on every reload and looks as realtime value, but the RSSI from snmpwalk does not change for a long time and look as a time average of longer period.

Can I get  "realtime" RSSI from MIB?

I have forwarded this to our support and development teams

the statistics in the SNMP MIB are cached values with 15 seconds of variance compared to the CLI and GUI which are more real-time.

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Thank you for a reply.

> compared to the CLI and GUI which are more real-time

How can I get real-time RSSI by CLI?

From CLI, please run "show wireless clients statistics". It will display current RSSI value.

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