RSTP packet and PTP 820s


Has anyone try configured ring structure  network with RSTP ( or STP) protocol with ethernet switches. Ethernet switches are connected with fiber optic, but one part of the ring is connected with PTP 820s.

The problem in my case is that all vlans are configured ok,  working with PTP 820 as well,  just BPDU packet from STP can not  pass trught PTP 820.



What kind of VLAN configuration do you have on the PTP820S? I had configured an 820C with PIPE and I found that STP/RSTP BPDU passed without problem.

I have 2 services:

On service 1 are configure 2 service points

SAP is service point on Ethernet slot 1 port 1 and there were  configured 3 vlansZajeta slika_4.PNG

SAP  was configured :

Configuration of STP domain DMR on switch Extreme networks:

Stpd: DOMENA_DMR                Stp: ENABLE          Number of Ports: 2
Rapid Root Failover: Disabled
Operational Mode: 802.1W                        Default Binding Mode: EMISTP
802.1Q Tag: (none)
Ports: 1:19,2:1
Participating Vlans: DMR,DMR_STP,Ruggedcom_nadzor,SG_Delp,UPS_Nadzor
Auto-bind Vlans: (none)
Bridge Priority: 12288
BridgeID:               30:00:02:04:96:7e:1e:42
Designated root:        00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
RootPathCost: 0         Root Port: ----
MaxAge: 0s              HelloTime: 0s           ForwardDelay: 0s
CfgBrMaxAge: 20s        CfgBrHelloTime: 2s      CfgBrForwardDelay: 15s
Topology Change Time: 35s                       Hold time: 1s
Topology Change Detected: FALSE                 Topology Change: FALSE
Number of Topology Changes: 37
Time Since Last Topology Change: 1555536s

BR, Tomi

I did not test exactly your setup. But here’s what I did last year. and the main difference is that both service points I used were PIPE (you have one bundle-C). can you try out with all PIPE setup? (otherwise you have to wait for me to free up to test out your scenario).

See the attachment.


Can you show me your config of ethernet interfaces services?


BR, Tomi