Run link test with SNMP


I am trying to run link test wit SNMP to one of our devices. The applied command is:

snmpset -v 2c -c commStringHere IP i 1

In the command above I send the real community string and the IP of the device, but the responce is "Timeout: No Response from ..." and the device IP. When applied other commands (snmpget or snmp walk), the device is responding and returns correct values.

The OID in command is linkTestAction where 1 should be start.

Can someone advise what is wrong or missing in the command?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Bilyana Peteva

Bilyana Peteva,

This worked OK for me on my 450i AP.

snmpset -v 2c -c Canopy i 1 2> /dev/null

WHISP-APS-MIB::linkTestAction.0 = INTEGER: start(1)

Can you provide some more details about the device (model, AP/SM, etc), the connection path to it from your PC, how you confirmed connectivity to it etc.





the correct oid and parameters are these:

.  i  1

After sending this request, the test is started and the responce can be reviewed with snmpwalk  and oid  .


Bilyana Peteva