Running CNUT in linux

For the linux users out there, there are a couple of issues with the CNUT distributed by cambium:

  • The launch script uses windows style newlines, this means that
    sudo bash /usr/local/Canopy/networkupdater/

    Will issue errors like:
    ’: not a valid identifierexport: CANOPY_HOME<br>': not a valid identifierexport: JAVA_HOME line 7: $’‘r’: command not found
    ’: not a valid identifierexport: `PATH line 10: $’‘r’: command not found line 12: $’‘r’: command not found line 33: syntax error: unexpected end of file

    The easiest fix is to convert the script into linux format by using the dostolinux utitity

  • You will need to launch the script as root (by using sudo), otherwise you will get a message saying
    Failed to start http Server: Permission denied

So far this, if I forget anything or any of this has been fixed/changed on newer versions, please ping me to update this doc.

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