Running LINKPlanner 4.8.0 & 4.7.4 on same computer


Is there a way to run v4.8.0 and v4.7.4 on the same computer at the same time?  The reason is that according to the latest release notes / warnings, there is a bug in v4.8.0 which affects channel planning in a project file.  Release v.4.8.0 has some updates which is needed, however don't want to lose the channel planning capability.  Just had updated a project with this information.

"There is a known issue with 4.8.0. Projects containing channel plans, which were saved in an earlier version of LINKPlanner will lose the channel plan settings when opened in 4.8.0.

Until a fix is available, we recommend that you use 4.7.4 if you need to work with existing projects containing channel plans.

If you want to plan using Force 300, PMP 450b High Gain or cReach PMP and don't have existing channel plans then use 4.8.0."


We've released 4.8.1 now, which fixes the bugs in 4.8.0. You should no longer need 4.7.4.




Hi Andy;

Excellent.  Great service and response.