Running the Spectrum Analyzer (SA) on the SM/CPE while at the AP side.


Is it possible to run the Spectrum Analyzer (SA) on the SM/CPE  from the AP side?  That is, I want to be able to remotely run and capture the spectrum analysis from the CPE/SM without being at the SM/CPE site.  If we were to get disconnected from the RF side (due to the SA limitations), will the SM automatically stop the Spectrum Analyzer either at a factory pre-determined interval and/or a manually set time specified by the tester, for example, setting the SA time for 2 minutes?  This is so that the service can resume back on the SM?


The spectrum analyzer is essentially useless as a diagnostic tool without this ability. It needs to be able to scan in real time, or at the least… scan and then reconnect as a SM and remember the results. Also, the Spectrum Analyzer needs to have the option to be able to ignore the AP it’s connected to. It basically needs to be listening in the non-ap-transmit part of the frames. Otherwise it’s essentially useless as a diagnostic tool.


Hi, so it is useless if you don't have a good brain memory cells or use your mobile phone to take a picture snapshot.  So I guess you are familiar with using it?  Does it operate only behind the SM/CPE side or can it be initiated from the AP side and then regain control of the SM if the RF transmission is interrupted during the scan?

Hi. First, I should say that I don't mean to be negative and I know that using the word 'useless' makes it sound like I'm mad or that I'm bashing Cambium. I don't mean that at all - I just mean that it essentially is 'not useful' as a diagnostic tool when a client is having problems.

In the current version, you have to change the radio into 'SA' mode, save and reboot - and then once the radio reboots, then you can log in and then a Spectrum Analysis can be run. So, that means you really need to be physically at the client's location, connected via Ethernet to accomplish this.  That means, that as a diagnostic tool, you really can't log into a customer's radio remotely and use the SA to see what it can hear.

Secondly, a client's SM will be (of course) be pointed right at your tower - and the Spectrum Analysis will show all that signal - which is not really 'noise' that you need to avoid. So, IMHO, the Spectrum Analyzer needs to have an option to only listen in the normal SM transmit portion of the frame - or to be able to separate background 'bad noise' from the 'good signal' during the AP transmit part of the frame.


Hi ninedd,

If you post your thoughts to the Your Ideas section, the ePMP development team will consider them for a future release.



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Hi Ninedd;

Thanks very much for your reply.  This is certainly very clear and concise.  I'm sure if Cambium and others (beginners and the like) read it, they can appreciate the use and current limitations of using it.  Maybe they (Cambium) will improve in the spectrum analyzer features.

I now understand that I will not be able to sit at my NOC and/or tower (behind the AP and attempt to see what the spectrum looks like from the SM/CPE side.  Looks a truck roll to the SM/CPE site.


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