RxOverrun & Ethernet Discards

I’m having problems using my Canopy SM
I’m using 5.15Gz SM with 7.3.6 software
Here’s ethernet stats page listing:

inoctects Count 2516522468
inucastpkts Count 5819351
Innucastpkts Count 73122
indiscards Count 0
inerrors Count 3832
inunknownprotos Count 0
outoctets Count 1007274972
outucastpktsCount 9089093
outnucastpkts Count 102006
outdiscards Count 147
outerrors Count 4
RxBabErr 0
TxHbErr 0
EthBusErr 0
CRCError 0
RxOverrun 3832
LateCollision 0
RetransLimitExp 0
TxUnderrun 0
CarSenseLost 4

RxOverrun errors are happening almost one per second, what can be the reason of it?
We had changed the SM, the cable and reconnected SM to another port of switch, but situation is the same

Thank you in your advance

RxOverrun occurs when a network interface cannot get a packet because of overfilling. Look at the traffic running from switch port to SM. Also look at the NI Buf Stat page of SM.

Also try switching from auto to fixed speed. Some Ethernet ports do not auto-negotiate well

Whenever I’ve seen this it is usally indicating a broadcast storm on a non-routed network.

So as mentioned above, the device or network connected to the ethernet port on the SM is going ballistic spewing broadcast replies or just plain garbage from a bad device.

only time i’ve ever seen it is when a customer creates a broadcast storm by looping cables between LAN ports of the router.

it used to bring down our whole network until moto gave us the packet filters which we can only allow PPPoE traffic to pass thru & filter all other ipv4 traffic.