Safe Upgrading Proceedures

I occasionally come into contact with ePmp 1k and 2K aps that are WAY behind on firmware. I just unboxed one that has 2.0 on it. What (if any) is the recommended upgrading proceedure for this situation. 

I usually find it via trial by fire. 2.0 > 2.4.3 > 3.5.6 was the last path I think I took. From my previous experience... I never broke a radio trying a couple different firmware combos until it took. Trying a firmware too new just wouldn't flash at all.

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Speaking of firmware upgrades, which is the more stable for force 180 and 200 paired to 3000AP? I have 3.5.6 but the CPE drops every now and then? What is your recommendation?

The best is to have AP and its SMs on the same version. Ver 4.4 is out now and is the best option for mixed forward and backwards compatibility.

Both of them are on the same firmware, so  ver 4.4 is more stable now? I recalled seeing people complaint about CPE dropping the connection