SCADA traffic connected to main port drops & camera connected to Aux port works fine


I have a project of group of PTP450i links & I use the antenna main ports at the far end sites to connect the SCADA traffic units and the Aux ports to connect the cameras & the problem is most of the time the SCADA traffic drops but the camera traffic works fine, knowing that the IP range of the SCADA cards are different than the IP range of the cameras as we need to separate between the SCADA & CCTV cameras network.
Also when the SCADA traffic drops the links & the cameras work fine & we also check the performance of the wimax links on CnMaestro server which shows links work fine & so to solve the SCADA traffic drop we had to reboot the Far end of the sites antennas and then the SCADA traffic start transferring normally. Could this be a cause of a Layer 2 loop, though i checked the network design & there are no more redundant connections in the network.



Another question here. Can we configure the main port & Aux port in different VLAN’s through the PTP450i configuration?

Thanks in advance & I hope someone can help me in this issue.

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