Scheduling Tasks

I'm trying to schedule a task to only have the SSID broadcasted during business hours.  If i set an enable rule to enable from xx:xx to xx:xx, while it automatically disable any time outside of that, or would I have to explicitly create a disable rule for every day too?  I'm assuming not.  I was also wondering if I were to instead create a disable rule, will it carry on to the next day if I set it from say Monday 20:00 - 06:00?  Or will I have to create a Monday rule from 20:00-23:59 and a Tuesday rule from 00:00-06:00?  


the access permit rule has to be created on per day basis. outside the access duration clients will be prevente to connect.

Hello, the scheduled access fields are for 'allowed' access in which the SSID will be broadcast and available.  It is implied that outside of these times, the SSID will not be broadcast and will be unavailable.  I've attached a guide that may be helpful.